After the lower house passed a bill to legalize the voluntary interruption of pregnancy through week fourteen, 129 votes to 125, we call on senators to vote in favor of human rights and of ending clandestine abortions in Argentina.

After years of campaigning by the feminist movement and months of public debates promoted by broad sectors of society, today a great step forward was made toward guaranteeing the equality of women and people with the capacity to gestate and their sexual and reproductive rights. Once again Argentine civil society was the driving force behind public policies that expand rights.

​We call on senators from all the political blocs to vote in favor of human rights and pass the bill. As we stated in the Chamber of Deputies: “You have the opportunity to legislate to expand rights, to make of our country a more just, more egalitarian democracy, with more social justice.”

CELS is part of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. We participated in the debate, speaking at the first and last informational hearings held in the lower house along with hundreds of other activists and experts.

Some of our arguments in favor of legalizing early abortion can be read here.