The Internal War: How the fight against drugs is militarizing Latin America

How and why is the region militarizing? What is the role of the United States? What is changing in the way police and military forces are trained and equipped? This publication contributes specific data to analyze the extent to which the doctrine of “new threats” affects security policies and has negative consequences for human rights.


The militarization of drug policies worsens human rights violations

At an intersessional meeting of the Commision on Narcotic Drugs (CND) of the United Nations, CELS made a presentation addressing the “fight” against drug trafficking, militarization of public security and its harmful effects on human rights. The discussions at the CND will culminate in March with a review of the global drug strategy over the last decade.


Medical Cannabis: activist arrested

The Buenos Aires provincial police arrested a member of the Canabicultores de Zona Sur cannabis growers group, which produces cannabis for therapeutic use. The arrest occurred at the same time as the Chamber of Deputies was passing a bill to regulate the use of medicinal cannabis, although the wording of the bill does not account for cases like Adriana’s.


Kidnapped and coerced: Liliana’s story

In this photo essay, produced in collaboration with WOLA, Liliana recounts how she was threatened and forced into transporting drugs to Argentina, where she is now being incarcerated far from her two children in Venezuela.