Regarding the situation in Venezuela

A democratic and peaceful resolution needs to be achieved and the full enjoyment of human rights guaranteed. Interventionist moves by the United States must be rejected by the international community.

The political crisis in Venezuela necessitates that the international community commit to collaborating on a peaceful and democratic resolution of the conflict that respects the will of the people.

The Venezuelan state must guarantee the protection of life, the full enjoyment of human rights and the right to protest, as well as the effective investigation of the rights violations that have been denounced.

The United States’ intervention in regional politics evokes situations that Latin America has lived through before, with tragic consequences. It is troubling that the Argentine government endorses the role the United States is playing in the region.

The threat of military intervention, pressure on domestic political matters and the imposition of economic sanctions that contributed to worsening the socioeconomic situation show that Washington seeks to condition the region’s political life.

Any attempt at unilateral interference or military intervention must be rejected by governments, multilateral organizations and political forces.