Amicus curiae in the case of farmer Ramona Orellano

For the past 40 years, Ramona has been fighting ongoing harassment by the agricultural industry to keep the land on which she was born. We went on site to meet with our colleagues of Movimiento Campesino de Córbdoba and presented an amicus curiae brief to the local Court.

CELS travelled to Cordoba between September 17 and 19 and took part in exchanges, trainings, activities and observation in the field of Farmers’ Rights, organized by Movimiento Campesino de Córdoba. On the first day we visited the wetlands of Río Dulce and the banks of Mar Chiquita. On the 18th, CELS presented an amicus curiae before the Civil, Commercial, Conciliation and Family Court of Dean Funes, Córdoba, where Ramona Orellano de Bustamante risks eviction from her land by the agro businessmen and decade-long foes, brothers Edgardo and Juan Carlos Scaramuzza.

Ramona is a 93year old woman who embodies the modern struggles of small farmers. She still lives today on the land where she was born despite repeated attempts to evict her from her family’s territory. The amicus curiae brief highlights that it is imperative that the courts recognize her right to the territory she has always inhabited and grant her specific protection as woman farmer.