Statement from CELS Workers on Privileges

Through this message we reject all type of favoritism or privilege-led action.

We received the news that the president of our organization was vaccinated through a chain of personal favors, outside the established channels, while we were trying, like everyone else, to get an appointment for the elderly in our families.

As an organization committed to human rights and to the emergencies of the current social situation, we consider that the only solutions to the pandemic are collective responsibility and commitment to the stages of the vaccination system at the federal level. 

For this reason, we have argued in different areas and before the State for the need of a vaccination process that responds to criteria of social inclusion and prioritizes the most vulnerable groups of our population, according to sanitary and non-discriminatory standards. CELS’ employees and management reject the events involving the president of our organization and any other similar action or privilege. 

No part of this episode represents the work and mindset of those of us who make up and run the organization on a day-to-day basis.