Legal Clinic

This booklet summarizes the history and principal milestones of the Human Rights Legal Clinic, created in 1994 by CELS and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The Legal Clinic provides professional training for law students while promoting human rights. In order to compile this edition, CELS gathered and consulted a variety of sources including theoretical publications, testimonies, interviews and queries submitted to the Clinic since its inception. This book tries to deliver a guide to use strategic litigation as a tool for the recognition and guarantee of human rights.

In addition, this publication describes the coordination and synergies of the Legal Clinic with other issue-specific entities such as the Migrants and Refugees Clinic, created in 2002 in collaboration with the Committee for Refugee Support (CAREF) and the UBA to meet the needs of these communities. This edition outlines the complementary learning opportunities provided by the Clinics, seeking to advance and promote new knowledge and skills from the perspective and experience of a human rights organization.

The English version begins on page 56 of the PDF that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.





What is a legal clinic?


The birth of a clinic


Strategic litigation




The clinic today


Final considerations

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