Human Rights in Argentina: 2015 Report

CELS’ 19th annual report analyzes the events, debates and policies that marked the 2013-2014 period in Argentina. It was written in the run-up to the election of a new national government and 35 years after CELS’ founding. It documents the main gains made in the last few years and details the reforms that are pending to deepen social inclusion and the effective exercise of human rights.

In this publication, we take positions in central debates such as the scope of the process of memory, truth and justice; the functioning of security and criminal justice system institutions; and the policies needed to enforce economic, social and cultural rights. Throughout the chapters, the problems of habitat, institutional violence and access to justice are analyzed as critical aspects of current rights infringements.

The full annual report is available in Spanish. The prologue in English can be accessed here and a subtitled video of the report’s unveiling may be viewed below.



Autor/a: CELS
640 pgs.
Editorial: CELS - Siglo Veintiuno
Colección: Annual reports