Human Rights in Argentina: 2017 Report

This is the twenty-first report on human rights in Argentina edited by the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS). It is being presented at a very particular time, since a number of decisions, measures and events are adversely affecting critical items on the human rights agenda as well as protection mechanisms.

In a regional and international context that – political colors aside – is adverse to global agreements on human rights, the Argentine government’s response to grave events, repeated incidents of repression and the recurrent discourse about present threats and episodes from the recent past, put the country’s human rights consensuses on alert. This is compounded by judicial decisions that take aim at some of the pillars of Argentine democracy, such as the fight against impunity for crimes against humanity and the commitment to international systems of protection.

This situation demands safeguarding human rights principles from the dynamics of overall political polarization. That is the best social and political tradition built in Argentina since the dictatorship’s end, and it is the basis for defending the agreements forged in democracy.

The full annual report is available in Spanish. A summary in English is available here or on our special minisite, and the prologue can be downloaded as a PDF below.


Autor/a: CELS
285 pgs.
Editorial: Siglo XXI