Milagro Sala: IACHR requests Inter-American Court intervention since state failed to comply with precautionary measure

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) indicated that “the conditions of extreme gravity, urgency and risk of irreparable damage” set forth in the American Convention on Human Rights have been met.

The IACHR requested today that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights adopt provisional measures in favor of Milagro Sala, in light of the Argentine state’s failure to comply with the precautionary measure granted by the Commission and solicited in January 2016 by Amnesty International, ANDHES and CELS.

On July 27, the IACHR granted the precautionary measure, making it clear that Milagro Sala could no longer remain in prison. After visiting her in the Alto Comedero prison, the Commission determined that her life and personal integrity were at risk, she was subjected to constant harassment and a regime of extreme surveillance, and that her fragile emotional state increased risks to her health.

In its statement released today, the Commission summarized the reasons underpinning its determination that the state has failed to comply with the precautionary measure. It also emphasized that since Sala was returned to prison, her situation has worsened. In this sense, it flagged “the serious psychological situation the beneficiary is going through due to her anguish over the latest decisions by State authorities, which allegedly led her to inflict an injury on herself, in addition to the one caused before the precautionary measures were granted.”

The IACHR considered that “Milagro Sala’s current situation meets the conditions of extreme gravity, urgency, and risk of irreparable damage that Article 63(2) of the American Convention establishes for the adoption of provisional measures.”

The joint filings that our organizations made to the IACHR since the precautionary measure was granted, documenting a series of breaches, are available here in Spanish.

Amnesty International

Photo: La izquierda diario