Dictatorship: Declassified US Intelligence

Together with Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and Memoria Abierta, we created this tool to search, read and investigate the files recently declassified by US intelligence agencies.

On the occasion of the Month of Remembrance, Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, CELS and Memoria Abierta launched the site desclasificados.org.ar, making accessible to the public the documents released by the US government on the last civilian and military dictatorship in Argentina. This platform allows users to examine content easily with a search tool, refining by keyword or by government agency, and contains some translated fragments of documents.

The website is the result of collaborative efforts between human rights organizations and educational institutions. The faculty of Social Science of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), the Antonio Gramsci Center and the UBA Communication program all participated, as well as the English Translation school of the Instituto de Educación Superior en Lenguas Vivas, the Escuela Normal Superior of Lenguas Vivas, the University of La Plata and the Universidad del Salvador. Students from all of these institutions volunteered to extensively analyze the material to ultimately create an indexation system for the numerous files.

Desclasificados.org.ar is a work in progress to categorize 4903 declassified documents released by the US administration in 2019. The site includes a database with the first 1000 indexed documents, categorized into 23 descriptive fields and it will be updated as new files are treated.

We hope that this tool will prove useful to judges, prosecutors, researchers, journalists, and the general public to contribute to the ongoing construction of Memory, Truth and Justice. 

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