Trelew massacre: Roberto Bravo’s extradition rejected

Criminal Cassation Court II reviewed a ruling from 2017 that had overlooked the complaints brought by Graciela García Romero, abducted and held in that clandestine detention center. The court subsequently convicted Jorge “Tigre” Acosta for the sexual abuse inflicted upon her. CELS has stood by Graciela’s pursuit of justice since 2005.


Trelew Massacre: after 50 years, former marine Roberto Bravo was convicted in the U.S.

In a landmark ruling, a Miami court found Roberto Bravo guilty of the shootings of Eduardo Capello, Rubén Bonet, and Ana María Villarreal de Santucho and the attempted extrajudicial execution of Alberto Camps in August 1972. The sentence in the civil trial orders Bravo to pay USD 24 million in damages to the four plaintiff families. CELS assisted with the litigation process and accompanied the victims’ families.


Roberto Bravo trial: day 5

On the last hearing, plaintiffs’ counsel and the defense presented their arguments. After 2.5 hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict finding Mr. Bravo liable on all charges and awarding $24.25 million in total damages.


Roberto Bravo trial: day 3

Defendant Bravo resumed the stand for hours of questioning by his counsel, recalling that he began working at Almirante Zar Naval Base in January 1972. On August 15, 1972, the day of the Rawson Prison break, while on vacation with his family in Buenos Aires Mr. Bravo got a phone call ordering him back to base.


Roberto Bravo trial: day 2

The day concluded with the Defendant, Mr. Bravo, taking the stand for several hours. Certain details of Mr. Bravo’s testimony were not consistent with his prior sworn statements about the events at Trelew, including what soldiers were present, who opened the cell doors, how many shots were allegedly fired by a prisoner, and the position of each solider when the shooting commenced.


The trial of former marine Bravo began

The Florida State University College of Law International Human Rights Clinic monitored the trial of former Argentine naval officer, Defendant Roberto Guillermo Bravo, represented by Neal R. Sonnett, P.A. and Haber Law P.A., beginning June 27, 2022, and provides this neutral report of trial events.