Urban drug trafficking, migrants, and the defense of activists: some of Cels’ topics for #fmdh23.

Between March 20 and 24, we will participate in the 3rd World Forum on Human Rights, organized by UNESCO, in Buenos Aires. As members of several committees, CELS is participating in more than a dozen activities for exchange and debate.

With an agenda of more than 1000 activities, 900 organizations from 70 countries will participate in a global gathering for public debate on human rights, sharing diverse work experiences and activism to promote social participation, equity, and social inclusion. This is the essence of the 3rd World Forum on Human Rights (#FMDH23), which will take place from March 20th to 24th across four venues in the city of Buenos Aires. It marks the kick-off of the celebrations for the 40 years of Argentine democracy. As members of several committees, CELS will be participating in diverse activities, talks, and workshops centered around themes arising from our interventions and working teams.

Among the topics we are planning to address at #FMDH23 is the issue of mass disappearances in Mexico, affecting as many as 30,000 individuals in the past three years alone. Collaborating with EAAF and Memoria Abierta, we will hold a panel to listen and deliberate on what is happening, why it transcends governments, how it impacts the region, and how Latin American organizations can intervene. With La Poderosa, Ciudad Futura, and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, we will conduct a series of talks on urban narcotrafficking, exploring how criminal networks in the illicit drug market affect the lives of people in marginalized neighborhoods. Furthermore, in collaboration with CAREF, we will organize a panel on migrants and the impact of border closures in the region during the pandemic.

Additionally, alongside FIDH, we will share insights from various countries in a conversational space regarding international experiences in mechanisms for protecting human rights defenders in emergency situations. Throughout the event, we will be part of discussions covering human rights litigation, access to justice, police violence, prisons, indigenous communities, land rights, peasants, the environment, and mental health, among other topics.