Imparable 2023: a festival to debate, reflect and expand Argentina’s democracy

On Sunday, November 5th, thousands of people came together at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Buenos Aires to listen, debate and dance. Among families, friends, activists, different generations and organizations, we engaged in a grand collective conversation to imagine a common future.

Imparable 2023 Gracias final

We listened, debated, danced and engaged in activism. That was the agenda at the latest edition of Imparable, the festival that we organized this year in commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of democracy, to reflect on the journey and expand it through mobilization and collective efforts. 

On the afternoon and evening of Sunday, November 5, at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in the city of Buenos Aires, we organized a fantastic gathering with thousands of people. The event featured debates, music, interactive experiences and a fair, with participation from over twenty human rights, social, trade union and political organizations.

It was a day dedicated to uniting communities, fostering collective imagination for a shared future. We firmly believe that the challenges faced by democracies, both in Argentina and worldwide, can find solutions through enhanced policy frameworks and an expansion of rights.

Democracy, politics, rights and the future took center stage in the debates, with specific emphasis on issues including labor, land and territory, fiscal policies, feminism, mental health and communication. Music, art and interactive spaces for children and youth served as ideal companions throughout the whole day. 

This was Imparable 2023. Our heartfelt gratitude for coming, more than ever.