At CELS we are committed to guaranteeing an environment free of gender violence, sexual and workplace harassment and discrimination. This commitment is inevitable for an organization aware of its historically reality-transforming role, which takes feminism as a necessary critical tool for the construction of a more egalitarian society.

We promote collective construction and, therefore, the democratic decision-making on work dynamics. The construction of an anti-patriarchal oppression free environment demands work and a special and permanent dedication. This protocol is designed to answer specific cases, generally individual. However, it considers the manifestations of violence – due to the unequal social distribution of power and the privileges that they imply – as cultural emergencies. For this reason, the existence of spaces for growth and reflection are central in the collective life of the institution, in order to de-construct the patriarchal culture.

We also recognize the limits and contradictions of punitive discourse as a privileged form of conflict management and, therefore, we propose an approach based on dialogue, agreements, and comprehensive reparation measures, which create better conditions for non-repetition.

-You can access our protocol on intervention in situations of gender violence, sexual and workplace harassment and discrimination in Spanish here.

-If you feel you are in a situation where the protocol is required, please e-mail us at <[email protected]>.