10 reasons to legalize early abortion

The sexual and reproductive rights agenda is part of the human rights agenda. This online publication brings together the conclusions of various academic studies, experiences in hospitals and statistical data, and it draws on various statements on the right to abortion formulated by international bodies, international jurisprudence and human rights treaties, along with the FAL ruling by Argentina’s Supreme Court.

Readers will find the ten reasons to legalize early abortion, using arguments based on international law and global in scope, as well as materials to download in Spanish and English.

Table of contents

Material for download
Criminalization does not dissuade women from having abortions
Criminalization of abortion violates the fundamental human rights of women and girls
Criminalization causes women to resort to unsafe abortion methods
Criminalization increases mortality and health complications caused by unsafe abortions
Criminalization negatively impacts access to legal abortions
Lack of access to a safe abortion in complicated pregnancies leads to death by indirect causes
Criminalization of abortion disproportionately impacts poor and young women
Criminalization exposes women to potential torture and institutional violence
Criminalization validates a clandestine market that profits at the cost of women’s autonomy
Criminalization of abortion goes against the principle of egalitarian society

Author: CELS
Publisher: CELS