The Argentine state will be evaluated at the UN

National organizations presented their assessments for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a peer evaluation of the human rights situation in each of the UN’s 193 member states. Argentina will be evaluated in early November.

Today at the UN Human Rights Council, local organizations told delegates from the permanent missions in Geneva about the rights violations that continue to exist in Argentina. At this session prior to the UPR, CELS – in alliance with other organizations – referred to the following issues:

• police violence
• right to protest
• memory, truth and justice
• persons deprived of their liberty
• disappearance of Santiago Maldonado
• arbitrary detention of Milagro Sala
• access to abortion and other women’s rights
• migrant persons
• adequate housing
• indigenous peoples
• persons with disabilities
• execution of international decisions
• communication rights.

More information on each issue is available on this special minisite.

On Monday, November 6, Argentina will be evaluated for the third time by fellow UN member states. It must explain to what extent it has advanced on implementing its human rights commitments and international obligations, at a time when UN bodies have urged the Argentine state to take action in the cases of Santiago Maldonado and Milagro Sala.